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We have been a producer and manufacturer of CBD and hemp products in Europe since 2017. We only offer high quality products

What we do

Herdol, a CBD producer committed to a sustainable world.
We only offers the highest quality, 100% natural European hemp CBD from premium European hemp. As CBD continues to be recognized for its many therapeutic qualities, Herdol strives to provide its customers with the best CBD oils on the market, maintaining the utmost transparency in its production process.

Strive for excellence

Herdol aims to maximize the effectiveness of CBD. Our products do not contain waxes, fats or chlorophyll which give a black color and a pasty consistency. Using a patented filtration process in our French laboratories, we remove impurities, while leaving the important profile of active compounds in place, resulting in a smooth, golden oil. Our CBD products are optimized to provide consumers with the best possible experience and total satisfaction.

Mission of a CBD producer like herdol

Develop high quality CBD products with total respect for nature and a goal of sustainable development. Integrating people and a social project at the heart of the approach by adopting ethical prices and offering products that are good for the body and the mind.


We believe that CBD products are closely linked with the environmental issues of tomorrow and that we must consume more natural products that respect both humans and nature.

Why Choose Us :

The advantages of our products are numerous, discover some of them below.

Fastest delivery

Fast delivery in 24-48 hours to your home!

High Skills

Our team has developed strong skills in the production of CBD products

Clean Work

Clean work that respects people and nature

Proper Take Care

Satisfied and healthier customers

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Certified Products

Our products are all certified, analyzed in the laboratory and comply with the rules of all European countries

We Only Deal With Quality Organic Products!

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